Dear friends and other folks,
  A serious email for a change.

(Majority of this message was drafted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005)
  A little over an hour ago as of this writing, I received a phone call that my brother had died. Jeff had several problems pertaining to his liver, and a while after he received a transplant he was diagnosed with cancer in his bile ducts... this was in December of 2004 and it prevented further surgeries. He and his long-time girlfriend Liz got married shortly after, and he was lucky enough to share his 6 month wedding anniversary with her in June.
  On Monday the 15th of August, 2005, he returned to the hospital with intense dizziness and a fever which was later discovered to have stemmed from an infected pick line in his arm. He stayed in the hospital for days as the staff tried various new antibiotics. His friends and family attended in great numbers, and though it was comforting, the new antibiotics didn't work and on Monday the 22nd he was returned home to be comfortable.
  The conditions of his body affected his ability to make much sense, but he still was able to call me by name when I saw him yesterday. When asked last night if he wanted to say goodnight to me, he said "No.", and that's the last thing he said to me.

  After hearing about his death, I tried to make myself cry and I couldn't, so I decided to remind myself of him by looking at pictures. For whatever reason, the first thing I decided to look at is . Jeff had a special hobby of jumping in public fountains, which he even did in several locations on trips in Europe. It was very sad that his health failed, as he was unable to do this for a few years.
  It was then I thought of something way cooler than crying.
  You might think this is nuts, so I actually called my buddy Wai today and got him to take some pictures of me jumping in a nearby fountain. Now I hope you know to take this seriously.

  I'm asking all of my personal friends to please help me with this tribute to my brother! Get a partner and take each other's pictures! If you can't jump in a fountain yourself, please try to take a picture of someone who can! And please send this email on to:

  Here's the good part... please send digital copies of your pictures to dasparil at yahoo period com (or -- less frequently checked). Try as hard as you can to only send one picture per jumper and keep the filesize reasonable (75K is plenty for a small picture). If you record it on video, please only send a fun screenshot unless you ask my permission first. Include as many as possible of:

  If you're anything like me, try and do this quickly after you get this email. I always forget things that I put aside for any length of time.
  Please DO NOT send condolences or excuses instead; they aren't useful to me. Either do this or don't.

  My intention to set up a tribute page for my brother and his hobby with pictures of everyone who participates, which I'll try to update frequently even if I get a discouragingly low response! Seriously.
  Also... if you've received this email directly from me, I've added you to a mailing list specifically about this page. You'll only receive messages if the site receives a domain change or serious update. If that bothers you, tell me and I'll take you off of it. If it doesn't, notify me and I'll add you to it.