This is message #2 regarding the Urban Oases Tribute for Jeff. It consists of a lot of heckling for people to go do this fountain business. If that isn't your type of thing, you might want to stop reading now.

  I've been getting pictures, but it's been a bit slow. Frankly, if you haven't done it in three weeks, chances are you're not going to do it at all. If you're Canadian and you still intend to do this, I'd like to remind you that TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Fountains get cold in the winter, and they will probably be turned off or otherwise made useless very soon.

  Seriously, set yourself a time limit to do this. Or if you prefer, I'll set one for you: you have one week.

The following excuses are valid:

The following excuses are completely invalid for our purposes:

  This tribute is supposed to take you outside your comfort zone. That is the purpose, although admittedly Jeff sometimes did this exactly for comfort's sake on hot days... but if it were easy for everyone (like sending an e-card *groan*) it wouldn't be worth doing. And if it is worth doing, it is worth doing SOON! Just be sure to take a shower afterwards.

  Another bit of news is that a couple of policies I've laid out have been revoked.
-75k/100k filesize per picture isn't necessary. My ISP has assured me that I needn't worry about that, so as long as it'll fit in my email, that's okay.
-1 picture per person doesn't apply for group shots or particularly good images. This rule was only instated so that some bozo wouldn't hog all of the glory. feel free to submit pictures without worrying about any "limits".

  To those of you who have submitted a picture, I'd like to sincerely thank you.
You can view them at

  Currently we have 12 Canadian pictures, 5 from Australia, 4 from Europe, 3 American ones, and 2 from online games. It has been interesting to see how some people were very close with Jeff personally, others only knew his work as Ninjalicious or Milky Puppy, and still others that didn't know it at all and appreciated this as a fun cause.

  Non-Fountain-related stuff:

Feel free to pass this on to anybody (although the first message was a bit nicer). Contact me at this address (dasparil at yahoo fullstop com) if you'd like to be added to or removed from this particular list.