This is just an email to basically close the Canadian fountaineering season. Some more pictures have still been added since the last message was sent, mostly from people who took pictures weeks ago and only sent them recently. If you'd like to check them out, they're at, as usual. There are a lot of friends of Jeff's who have told me that they still want to do this, but will have to wait until Spring. That's fine (but seriously, what kept you?).

  I've also added a section on "fountaineering", which includes photojournals of excursions with the express purpose of enjoying public fountains for Jeff. You might want to check that out as well. It is linked from the main page.

  Although it is now pretty cold in Canada and a lot of fountains are off, in other parts of the world the season to experience urban oases is just beginning! Furthermore, those of us in cold climates can still contribute by going in indoor fountains, making bad photoshopped pictures, or taking vacations to warm places! If everyone could still help spread the word, it would be appreciated!

  Maybe if anyone is wearing a nice, warm Halloween costume on Monday, they could get an especially hilarious fountain picture! You can still certainly feel free to send your pictures to me anytime.

  Thanks very much to those of you who were able to contribute to the Urban Oases Tribute in 2005!