By the 29th, I think that my parents were feeling silly for not having gone in a fountain yet for this tribute to their oldest son. They made plans to go to Niagara Falls for the day for no reason other than to check out fountains. Adam had said before that he wanted to somehow get a picture in the spray from the waterfalls (despite it not being a fountain) so I invited him along.
Jeff did not have any pictures of these fountains on the Urban Oases site.


We saw a few fountains close together near Clifton Hill, and then drove past them to where we saw this little fountain. My mom jumped out of the car with Adam and I to take her picture before dad came to pick us up after, so she didn't really have the option to wimp out.
This fountain has a plaque that says, "The Spirit of Park Hall".


Despite not having much to do, my mom stayed in this fountain for a long time.


By this picture, she is both wet and bored of it, I think.


I was actually dual-wielding two digital cameras, by the way. You might notice slight differences in the photographic quality between different shots from this trip. It also explains my crappy accuracy.


We got some food and I noticed this big, wet, rotating sphere while walking back down Clifton Hill. This orb is perpetually moistened in its perpetual motion, and though it looks plain, leaning against it as I did here can make you pretty wet.


Here's the shot that proves where we were... finally!
The fountain seems pretty insignificant in this shot, doesn't it?


My parents were taking the pictures as Adam and I went into this electrified fountain. My parents are the kind of people who they make signs like this for, so naturally one of them took a picture of it while Adam and I repeatedly kicked the electrical equipment by accident.


I also found some dimes and nickels in here. I feel it was okay to rake it in, since only pennies are considered lucky.


I think this was Adam and I scanning the pool for quarters or better. Either that or we were looking at the electrical equipment. In fact, I seem to recall this fountain having a lot of lights in it, and we sort of wished that we got to see it at night.


None of the fountains at the CNE had enormous electrical boxes in plain sight. I don't know what the fountain-makers of Niagara Falls were thinking -- they had a pretty good model of what it should look like across the road from this one.


This stone and plaque mention a tree that honors Nikola Tesla. I just thought that was cool.


My mom pointed out that this tree probably isn't the tree that honors Nikola Tesla, and that said tree was probably right behind the stone and probably long gone. That's pretty sad. And not fountain-related.


I forget what the name of the tower here is. SkyLorb or SkyCorp or something. Anyways, it had a triangular fountain that was near where we parked the car, so we decided to do it before we drove off. Adam was nervous about a certain jet that was pointing at him.


I wanted to know what this yellow thing was about.


Now Adam was nervous about the jet and I wanted to know what this yellow thing was about simultaneously.


We saw this one earlier, and intended to do a drive-by fountaining on our way out. Dad slipped into it much in the manner a mafia ninja would.




Adam was only using a non-digital camera. He was taking pictures from crazy angles, and a lot of them. I don't think they've been developed yet, but I hope my parents are looking forward to them.


Also on our way out, my dad mentioned a fountain with a group of kissing fish. I'm not totally sure what my dad knows about kissing, but this most certainly isn't it.


I decided that the fish must be hugging, so I joined in.
The falls are distantly visible here.


That crowd of people in the background were a bunch of lame-os. We saw them all pretending to swim standing up for some reason. And they didn't react at ALL to Adam and I jumping in two fountains right beside them, which was just strange.


This fountain was quite near the non-kissing fish, and when we saw it Adam instinctively wanted to climb it.


I think it was deeper than he expected.


And more slippery.


He decided not to climb it because of the slimy surface. I'm not sure why it is climbing him in this shot.


Adam didn't locomote between these two pictures. I rather like this one. The falls are visible through the trees again here, too.


Heh, we noticed this fountain on the drive there. It's in Hamilton just off the side of the QEW. My mom thought it was really unique and interesting so we decided to go there on the way back.
Get this: it's like a resource centre for the city services, it's surrounded by gates with "no trespassing" signs, which were left wide open. Why they would have a fountain in such a place, I don't know. Why they would have it closed off to the public, I don't know. Why nobody stopped when Adam changed his pants at the side of the road moments later, I'm not sure of that either.

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