To my knowledge, Jeff never played any MMORPGs (or whatever dumb acronym they use). He always did enjoy a good game of Thief or Civilization, though. I wouldn't recommend that everyone sends pictures from video games unless they don't have friends or cameras, though.


Public Pool of Iron Forge (World of Warcraft):
Jumper: Calin

I got an email from Liz (including this picture), which was evidentally sent on the 24th of August. As far as we could tell, this individual had no way of knowing that Jeff had died, and it was just a kind of creepy coincedence. He wrote, "In your honour, I created a Milky, and bathed him in the public pool of Iron Forge. (world of warcraft)".


Not a Real Fountain (City of Heroes):
Jumper: Eric Yung

Eric commented on Jeff's death on his blog, which you can see here.
It was a very awkward affair to receive this picture; I ended up getting an email 4th person, and by the time I got it the picture was no longer attached. I just swiped it off of Eric's blog.


Coneria's Reflective Fountain (Final Fantasy):
Jumper: Phil Lonidier

Comment: "Sorry the image isn't any better than this. I'm about to have to leave for work but just HAD to put this together for you.
The only picture of myself that I have on my hard drive is from 1999 (a senior picture from high school) so it makes the pic a bit more weird. Everything else was done with FF Hackster and Photoshop. I even had to place the text box in such a way to hide the Onion Knight (some of my early hackster work).

For those of you who don't know FF1, this is hilarious. The original text when the player checks out the fountain is "See your face upon the clean water. How dirty! Come! Wash your face!".

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