Jeff travelled in the United States fairly frequently, unfortunately a lot of his visits were in his youth (before this hobby was established) or after he became ill. His fountain jumping experiences in the United States were limited to a couple of quick trips... but he had a lot of friends and admirers in America, and I'm sure we can help make up for his lost time.


Millennium Park Fountain (Irving, Texas):
Jumper: Sean Giles
Photographer: Mike Blackwell


Irving Arts Center Fountain (Irving, Texas):
Jumper: Mike Blackwell
Photographer: Sean Giles

Comment from Sean: Mike wanted to get up on one of the mustangs, but since the sprinklers weren't very high today, we decided against letting him scald himself on the things.


University of South Carolina Fountain (Columbia, South Carolina):
Jumper: Scott Nordlund

Comment: The water was a gross cloudy green, but it felt great anyway on a hot afternoon- definately a more pleasant experience than I had anticipated.
After that I continued my trip to the grocery store in wet clothes.


Spitting Frogs (Detroit, Michigan):
Jumper: Sue Lott

Comment: Pictures of Sue in the frog fountain at the Detroit zoo for Jeff's tribute. It was cold. And technically, one is allowed to play in this fountain. But the frogs spit at you and that's pretty excellent.

We miss Jeff in Detroit too.


Holly Renaissance Fountain (Holly, Michigan):
Jumper: Sarah Hager
Photographer: Kshawn

Comment from Andrew Lazzaro: This picture is my girlfriend Sarah (head mistress wench of gvsu ren fair), taken by Kshawn (president of gvsu ren fair) in her ren. garb.


Whale of a Fountain (Corpus Christi, Texas):
Jumper: Dan King

Comment: Photo was taken on vacation at Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, Texas. 10/1/05 Its a whale fluke, and its supposed to simulate a diving whale. It was about 94 degrees, and the water was beautifully cool. My girlfriend and her kids looked at me like I was insane, but after I told them why I was doing it, they really chilled out and thought it was cool. Amazing what the proper sentiment will do. I actually have never been in a fountain before, and I felt a little like a character in a Fitzgerald novel! I knew Jeff only online, but he made me realize that what I thought was a stupid hobby done only by a New Mexico hillbilly was actually huge. Miss you Ninj!


Speaking Rock Casino Fountain (El Paso, Texas):
Jumper: Lisa Schrader, Kristen and Chris
Photographer: Dan King

Comment from Dan King: These photos were taken November 12, 2005 in El Paso Texas. I suppose you could call this fountaineering, as we made the trip especially for Jeff. In a way, we got both of his hobbies rolled into one, because this fountain is part of the abandoned Speaking Rock Casino, so we got fountain and abandonment! Anyway, the group photo is my girlfirend Lisa Schrader, with her kids Kristen and Chris. The water was very cold, and they were not getting in.


Speaking Rock Casino Fountain (El Paso, Texas):
Jumper: Dan King
Photographer: Lisa Schrader

Comment: The next photo is me in the fountain. I thought I was going to lose my toes to frostbite! Regardless, Jeff/Ninj, we are still thinking about you!!!


Bunker Hill Fountain (Los Angeles, California):
Jumper: Gloria Putnam
Photographer: Steve

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