Phantasy Star IV Dump

Basic overview:
  Phantasy Star IV is a darn fine game. A couple years ago I started digging through a rom to learn more about it. Some of my findings are available here. Although I don't necessarily update frequently, I consider this a work in progress.

Data dumps:
  These are being made available in .txt format with the original hex intact and some explanation beforehand. The .txt files are intended for people with an interest in how the game stores this data, and also contains offsets and irrelevant bytes.
  Also available are .htm pages that contain no explanation but are prettier and generally have less clutter. The .htm versions are available with most values translated into decimal or english, and those are recommended for pure gamers. I'd still recommend a peek at the .txt to see my comments.

  • Initial Character Stats: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Level-by-level Character Stats: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Player Techs and Skills: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Combo Setup Bytes: hex .txt only
  • Combo Bytes: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Vehicle Statistics: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Vehicle Attacks: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Enemy Statistics: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Enemy Abilities: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Equipment and Items: hex .txt, hex .htm, easy-to-read .htm
  • Shop Inventories: hex .txt only

Other Helpful Stuff:

  • Lua Scripts:
    • Phantasy Star IV Extended Party Statistics: .lua - use Capslock to show an expanded HUD with lots of info
  • Table files:
    • Phantasy Star III Table: .tbl - for some reason the header has some legible text using this
    • Phantasy Star IV Table 1: .tbl - useful for non-dialogue
    • Phantasy Star IV Table 2: .tbl - useful for dialogue, not complete
  • Other text:
    • Phantasy Star IV Offset List: .txt - this is very, very informal
    • Phantasy Star IV Hacking Tests: .txt - a list of my own personal hacking curiosities and how I got the results I did (none of which are produceable on an unhacked game)

Relevant YouTube Links:

  Thanks to the Phantasy Star IV board at GameFAQs.
  Thanks to Goldenguy and Sir Pobalot for the excellent guides, as well as ceuthonymus and Thundergod for their work with algorithms and savestates.
  Thanks to the RPG Dueling League, particularly Dark Holy Elf/NeoElfboy, SageAcrin, and Crystalgate for their experimentation with and compilation of known aspects of this game's engine.

I like learning more about this game and would love to talk to you about it, unfortunately I have trouble taking people seriously on the internet and this can make communication difficult. I once provided a pretty useless email address here for people to reach me at. You can still try it you like, using

You would probably have much better luck finding me on GameFAQs' Phantasy Star IV board or the relevant thread at